The most popular tools for modern calligraphy

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If you find yourself wanting to create calligraphy but have no idea where to start, then this is precisely the blog post for you! I’ll walk you through which supplies to buy. What tools do i need for modern calligraphy? Now that we know the basic difference between traditional calligraphy and modern calligraphy, it’s time to review some of the essential items that we will need. Modern calligraphy can be practiced with a whole variety of different tools, such as –

How to Practice and Learn Calligraphy

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Calligraphy appears complicated—but by learning basic techniques, you can start to create your own beautiful letters. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Laura Hooper (@lhcalligraphy) on Oct 3, 2017 at 7:19am PDT RECOMMENDED SUPPLIES To begin, you’ll need several tools—a nib, a straight pen, ink, and paper—along with other helpful supplies. Here’s a list to get you started.